Ways to Bond with Your Horse

Most young children dream of having a horse one day. Some get to make that dream come true. If you’ve recently decided to add a horse to your family, here are a few tips to help you bond with him.

Practice Together

One way to bond with your horse is to practice together. Saddle up and go for a ride. If you have a training ring, invest in some horse jump equipment and set up a course. It’ll be a challenge that you need to figure out as a team.

Don’t Show Up Just to “Work”

Don’t show up just for rides. Show up to spend time with your horse, too. Simple tasks like going for a walk side-by-side, spending time in an open field together, and giving him gentle neck and belly scratches can be incredibly effective for strengthening your relationship.

Bond with Your Horse

Learn His Body Language

Your horse can’t talk, but he can tell you how he’s feeling through body language. Learning his (and how yours affects his feelings) can help you create a closer bond.

Groom Him

Grooming is a very relaxing activity for your horse. Running a brush over his coat feels good, and he’ll likely appreciate you reaching the spots he can’t get himself. In addition to brushing, don’t overlook the importance of massaging his muscles. Just like you, your horse can get tense from time to time, and a good rub down can help to loosen those tight muscles up.

Share Experiences

Finally, an excellent way to bond with your horse is to share experiences. The more you ride, go for walks, compete together, and spend time together, the closer you two will become.

Your horse is more than just an animal; he’s a beloved member of your family. Spending time together and bonding will help strengthen your relationship and make you inseparable.