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Dog coats


Our dogs are just like us: they love food, like to go for walks, enjoy playing, and sometimes they need a little help keeping warm, even though they have fur. When it is cold or rainy outside, we like to cover up and stay warm with a comfortable coat and warm clothes. To help our fluffy (and less fluffy) four-legged friends, we can give them water resistant, comfortable dog coats to help them through cold days and winter, so they can be as comfy and safe as we are.

Getting a coat

There are different kinds of dog coats available, as well as different brands of coats. When buying a dog coat always make sure you get one that fits your dog well and that there is enough space for it to move around in. If you want to measure your dog, you should always measure from your dog’s neck to the beginning of its tail

Dog Raincoats

The first kind of dog coat available is a dog raincoat. This coat is waterproof and perfect to put on your dog when you go for a walk on rainy days. Most dog raincoats also have one additional advantage, since they often have reflective strips that make your dog more clearly visible in the dark and bad weather. These coats are made of breathable material and also provide more warmth.

Dog coats for winter

Besides the dog raincoat, there are also dog coats specifically designed for winter and the cold. These coats are great for small dogs and dogs with single-layer fur, as well as sick and old dogs with a reduced immune system. Most of these coats are also waterproof, but the difference between these coats and a dog raincoat is that these coats also warm up your dog. For instance, the Hurtta Extreme Warmer does so by reflecting your dog’s body warmth.

Bathrobes and other coats

Additionally, there are also bathrobes for dogs for after your dog’s bath or swimming adventure. After a dog takes a swim, it takes a long time before it gets completely dry. A bathrobe for dogs can help you with that. The coat absorbs all the moisture, so your dog is dry in no time. This is easy for you, and nice for your dog as well. Finally, hoodies for dogs also exist. These look cute on your dog and help it through the cold. The only disadvantage is that they are not waterproof, so they will not shield your dog from the rain.

This post was published on 07/09/2021

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