3 Work Profiles of the German Shepherd

A German Shepherd makes a great pet and family member, but it can also make a loyal coworker. Think about all of the places you have seen working dogs in action. Chances are, many of those dogs were German Shepherds. In addition to being solid learners, these dogs have traits that make them excellent workers for a variety of situations. If you have recently found some German Shepherd puppies for sale Florida, you may be curious to learn more about the work potential of these amazing canines. 


Because of their protective tendencies, German Shepherds have the potential to make very reliable bodyguards. Training dogs for personal protection is more intense, but many people choose to have a dog for this very reason. To train dogs on how to protect human companions, there are several methods that owners and trainers can use. Visual deterrents and threat control are common.


German Shepherds have unparalleled detection skills. You probably walked by several the last time you visited an airport. Because of their keen sense of smell, it is also common to see a German Shepherd as part of various police departments and military forces, as well as search and rescue teams. They have noses that can sniff out anything from drugs to bombs to human remains. 

German Shepherd Puppies


When it comes to companionship, there may be no better breed of dog. Because of their loyalty and dedication to humans, these dogs make exceptional service animals. You can train a German Shepherd puppy to be a therapy dog or a guide dog for those with disabilities. In addition, they make great service animals if you need mobility assistance.

There is no doubt about it: The German Shepherd is one of the best dogs when it comes to work potential. These dogs have played an important role in many industries throughout history, and they will continue to be a great choice in the future.