3 Less Common Types of Horse Insurance

Most responsible horse owners are aware of the medical insurance available to cover their horses in time of need but may not be familiar with the other sorts of policies offered by equine insurance companies. Many horse insurance companies also offer policies that can cover you in the event of other types of accidents involving other riders, others’ horses, or special events.


Liability insurance does not cover your horse specifically, but damage or injury that may accidentally be caused by your horse. The best horse insurance companies will offer this policy to people who run businesses in which the horses are often interacting with visitors to the barn, such as riding instructors. This type of damage may also be covered by homeowner’s insurance so you should check your own policy before exploring options for liability insurance. 

Horse insurance

Care, Custody, & Control

Care, Custody, & Control insurance covers you in the event of an accident involving someone else’s horse. This policy is most important for those owners working frequently with other’s horses, such as in the case of breeding, boarding, or training. Not only does this policy cover the treatment a horse may require while under your care but may help you in the case of an owner attempting you hold you liable for accidental damage to their horse. 


If you are hosting a special event involving horses, it is wise to look into a policy that will cover all those involved in these sorts of proceedings. A good event coverage plan will not only cover those involved in the function but will also cover spectators in the event of an accident or injury. 

Medical coverage is a great place to start when ensuring your horses, but there is more you can do to protect yourself in the event of accidents that may occur in and around your work with horses.