3 Internships If You Love Animals

If you love animals there are several job options for you. Internships are a great way to figure out exactly how you want to work with animals and which animals you want to work with. There is an internship out there for everyone.


Helping animals feel better can be very rewarding. Veterinarian school takes years, so it’s important to make sure this work is for you before going to school. A veterinary internship program is important to gain not only knowledge of the working world, but also to gain contacts. Veterinarians are always needed, but the work can be challenging. An internship in a veterinary office is also great because it lets you figure out which animals you enjoy working with most. A majority of veterinarians work with cats and dogs, but there are other options such as exotics and equine.


Another animal internship available is at zoos. Zoos are constantly looking for interns to help with the cleaning and caring of the animals. The biggest downside with zoo internships is that most are unpaid. However, at zoos, you get to work with many different kinds of animals. These are animals that few people get to work with. Positions working at reputable zoos can be difficult to come by, so the contacts you make during your internship are invaluable.


If you love animals but don’t like cleaning up after them, you might enjoy museum internships. Here you’ll be able to work with taxidermy animals and educate students and the public all about science. Museum jobs are competitive, and internships allow you to gain many contacts as well as practical experience. This is important for your future. Getting a job at your museum of choice can be a challenge, but the right internship can open doors for you.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for someone who loves animals. Working with animals can be challenging but is always rewarding.